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Poster "Birds of Prey"

Poster "Birds of Prey"

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Discover the majestic world of raptors with our "BIRDS OF PREY of Europe" poster, a must-have for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. This stunning poster showcases a carefully selected collection of the most important European birds of prey in outstanding image quality.

Although the mighty silhouettes of birds of prey are known in the sky, human expansion has greatly limited their habitats, causing many of the larger species to live in seclusion. On our poster, you can admire these fascinating birds in all their glory, from the impressive wingspan of a Bearded Vulture to the compact Lesser Kestrel.

Each bird is depicted with its name in English, French, and German, as well as its scientific Latin name, making this poster a valuable educational and reference material. The birds of prey are illustrated in various life situations, gliding in the air, perched on a post or rock, in flight, or feeding. Both juvenile and adult animals, male and female, are shown to facilitate easy recognition in the wild.

Printed on eco-friendly paper (230 g/m²) and double-laminated, this poster ensures longevity and color fastness on the wall. Measuring 60 x 90 cm, it offers an abundance of information and is ideal for anyone interested in ornithology or simply enjoying the natural beauty of birds of prey in their home or office.

Order your copy of the "BIRDS OF PREY of Europe" poster now and dive into the impressive world of these noble birds. The poster is shipped rolled.
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